Dementia in New Light:

A Digital Learning Experience

Dementia in New Light

The team that created Cracked: new light on dementia has developed Dementia in New Light: A Digital Learning Experience

This digital learning experience uses scenes from Cracked and goes well beyond the original production; the experience immerses you through animation, video, and audio moments. The concept of light emerging from darkness occurs throughout the experience, with bright tonal shifts occurring as you progress deeper into a given subject.

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Watch this introductory video for Dementia in New Light

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The Curriculum

The curriculum consists of 5 main topics (e.g., ‘Relationships’, ‘Current Culture of Dementia Care’) and 27 sub-topics (e.g., ‘Loss’, ‘Transforming and Thriving’). Within each sub-topic, there are multiple multi-media resources (e.g., videos, audio, images, animation) along with reflective activities. These are intended to show the complexity of identities and relationships, the harms imposed by stigma, the possibilities for fostering a society that values people living with dementia and supports their inclusion and flourishing.

The digital learning experience was created in collaboration with people living with dementia, family carers, health care practitioners, and educators who contributed to the design and curriculum content. Its purpose is to inspire alternative ways of thinking about dementia and encourage everyone to take part in making this a better world for people living with dementia.