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Our team is made up of an interdisciplinary group of researchers and artists who share concerns about the stigma surrounding dementia and how it promotes social exclusion, deprives people living with dementia of their dignity and rights as citizens, and discourages their participation in daily life. Stigma can have serious consequences for quality of life as well as the ways care is provided for both persons living with dementia and their family members. Collective Disruption is committed to critiquing this stigma and to fostering a more humanistic culture of dementia care that supports living with dementia.

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Description of the Play

Cracked: new light on dementia is a one-hour, innovative research-based theatre production. It casts a critical light on society’s one-dimensional view of dementia as an unmitigated tragedy. The play was developed by Collective Disruption, an interdisciplinary group of researchers and performance artists. Made in collaboration with persons living with dementia and their family members. Cracked was informed by research conducted by the researchers in Collective Disruption.

Cracked is intended to inspire alternative ways of seeing persons with dementia. Through instilling the importance of maintaining strong relationships and reinforce the imperative for good ethical care.

Cracked follows persons with dementia and their families on their unique journeys with dementia. The journey spans from diagnosis through to their new lives in a long-term care home. The families in the play grapple with what the diagnosis means, if and how the diagnosis changes their relationships, and how they struggle to be with each other in the present where the persons with dementia call them to be.

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Our Team - CIHR Logo

Cracked development was made possible with a CIHR Knowledge Translation Grant.

Our Team - Alzheimer Society

An operating grant from the Alzheimer Society of Canada was used to explore the impacts of the play for health care practitioners and family carers in long-term care homes.

Our Team - Waugh Family Foundation

Cracked was filmed and funded by a generous grant from the Waugh Family Foundation.

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The Partnerships in Dementia Care Alliance supported the development of Cracked  and live performances of the production